Palm Pre ‘hard close shutoff’ fix…

One hardware issue seen with the new pre is that if you close the keyboard ‘firmly’ it seems to jiggle the battery enough that the disruption in power causes the pre to shutdown completely. One person’s fix was to put a piece of paper between the pre and the battery so its tighter. Another was to put folded electrical tape there.

Here’s a third idea. There is a tab in the pre when you open the back that you pull to get the battery out. If you fold that in half and replace the battery, you can still use the tab to remove the battery, and the folded tab is enough to ‘lodge’ the battery tighter in place so the shut-off doesn’t happen.


4 thoughts on “Palm Pre ‘hard close shutoff’ fix…

  1. Palm Pre User says:

    Thank for the suggestion. My pre shut off every time I close it hard. I hope your fix eliminate the problem.

  2. Charles O'Neill says:

    Had the same problem you described. I inserted a small piece of a business card up near the battery removal tab. We’ll see if that works. Other than this issue –which for me is a fatal flaw–the Pre is a great little device. But I do not have the patience to go through the same experience I endured with my last Sprint-provided device, the Blackberry Pearl, with its nasty, sticky little trackball, Java software failures and random acts of stupidity. I am giving this thing Zero more chances. Palm, RIMM and all the rest should not sell devices they have not tested thoroughly in the real work. And Sprint and other carriers should not offer these devices until and unless they are proven to work as advertised.

    • wolpert says:

      I totally understand the pain of these devices… but I have to say for a first generation implementation of the palm os isn’t that bad. Two hardware issues with the pre has been the battery and the fact that the sliding keyboard does get looser with usage. (According to Sprint, its by design, but who knows if that is true)

      At this point, the Pre combined with the cheap price of sprint’s service (especially with the CostCo 23% discount for members) its worth it to me. Of course, that’s just me. But all of these providers do, well, suck. Each in their own way.

  3. Scott_A says:

    I’ll be purchasing a Pre later today (currently have a Treo 755p).

    I’ve always kept a folded $20 bill in my battery compartment (comes in handy more often than I should admit.) I’m actually glad to see that there will still be room for my “secret” emergency stash)

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