Federated tweets…

Facebook pretends to be twitter, and now so does Google Mail via Buzz. If these microblogs, public status notifications, or whatever you want to call it is something people really use, then it needs to be federated the same way XMPP and email is federated. You should be able to sign up for any service on any server and have your ‘tweets’ available to other service. Think how much email would suck if you could only talk to people on your service you use. XMPP still needs more acceptance, but the SMTP spec is universal now.

I’d like to see an XMPP spec for microblogs… though I guess you could argue that RSS feeds are enough for ‘tweets’.


2 thoughts on “Federated tweets…

  1. SuperG says:

    I guess you should have looked at the available XEP’s before publishing.


  2. wolpert says:

    Yeah… my bad. Now lets see if people will try to follow it.

    Did you see the history of that XEP? Claimed first draft in 2008, and then updated this last Jan when it was first published as a XMPP spec.

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