Cassandra 0.7 and the grails plugin

Just updated the grails plugin for Cassandra to be compatible with Cassandra 0.7. Remember folks, this isn’t a GORM module.


2 thoughts on “Cassandra 0.7 and the grails plugin

  1. I got the latest code from the repository and ran grails run-app and I get the “No such property: log for class: codehead.CassandraService”. Is this version compatible with grails/tomcat/hibernate version 1.3.7


    • wolpert says:

      It was never tested with grails 1.3.7, just 1.2.2.

      The code will likely need updates to work with Cassandra 1.0, though it should work fine with grails 1.3.7. The specific error you are seeing is odd to me since services have log automatically injected in them. I’ve seen problems when running tests should the setup not mock the log properly. Can you past the line number where the exception was thrown? Also, include the relevant changes to the grails configuration you used?

      I’ll try this weekend to get it working with both grails 1.3.7 and Cassandra 1.0.2.

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